The Daily Dash: May 15 2014

by Sami

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Today’s episode of The Daily Dash: May 15 2014 continues our Sears saga, but I refuse to let it rob me of my job and my time today!

The Daily Dash: May 15, 2014

In the news:
*Death toll in Turkey mine accident nears 300
*Wildfires force residents from their home in Southern California
*Tornados continue to rip through the midwest

If you’re curious, my Sears Air Conditioning saga still continues – still no A/C despite our Master Warranty and though I spoke with someone who finally treated me like a human being yesterday (thanks Joanne!), her hands are still tied.

But I’m not letting it get to me today – after almost 5 hours on the phone with them, I’m going to continue staying focused on making positive life changes including getting up earlier to walk (in spite of the rain – thanks Alisa & Colleen!) and also work on my book before the kids get up.

Hope you make it a great day!Daily Dash May 15, 2014

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