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The Daily Dash: May 16 2014 {Cooling my jets…}

Today’s episode of The Daily Dash: May 16 2014 finds me not only cooler today, but in a sweater! (But don’t rejoice just yet, the drama continues…)

The Daily Dash: May 16, 2014

In the news:
*Sterling refuses to pay $2.5 million NBA fine
*Wildfires continue to blaze in Southern California
*9-11 Memorial Museum opens in NYC

Although I’m in a sweater, we’re still waiting for a resolution from Sears when it comes to our air conditioning. I just happened to be 48 degrees here in Nashville this morning and I may be the only one excited about that fact!

I also shared a favorite lipstick: Zulu Luxe in Obsession that I purchased from Whole Foods.

Hope you make it a great day!

The Daily Dash May 16 2014

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  1. So proud that you’ve been walking and working on your book! 🙂 Keep it going girl.

  2. Thanks Jen! One day at a time…