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The Daily Dash: November 16 2015 {#PrayForParis & #IPackedAShoebox}

In today’s Daily Dash video, November 16 2015, My heart aches for Paris today…

The Daily Dash: November 16 2015 {#PrayForParis & #IPackedAShoebox}

* Attacks on Paris kill over 100, Refugee policies reviewed
* Carvana debuts in Nashville
* North West’s afro lights up Twitter
* Peyton Manning’s injuries worse than previously thought

* Terrorist attacks on Paris Friday night rocked the entire world. As someone who has lived in Paris, has a French middle name and would STILL live in Paris, it saddens me even more.

On a happier world note, today begins National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child. The goal is to pack and send over 1.4 million shoeboxes around the world this year, and we can only do that with YOUR help! Stay tuned to the Family Money Minute (http://FamilyMoneyMinute.com) every day this week to hear my top tips for packing the best shoebox possible…and don’t forget to get your kids involved!

You can also watch my video on the top 5 things to pack:

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The Daily Dash: November 16, 2015 {#PrayForParis & #IPackedAShoebox}

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