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The Daily Dash: November 2 2015 {Holidays are Here}

In today’s Daily Dash video, November 2 2015, The holidays are here again & I have the Starbucks red cup to prove it…

The Daily Dash: November 2 2015 {Holidays are Here}

* GOP candidates demand debate reform
* Russian passenger plane crashes and kills all 224 passengers onboard
* Kansas City Royals win World Series!
* 43 chipotle restaurants close on West Coast due to E. coli outbreak
* Fred Thompson dies at age of 73

* It was a busy weekend filled with lots of time with friends. We celebrated baby June’s first birthday & Baptism, tried to Trick or Treat despite the rain
and capped off our weekend by seeing the So You Think You Can Dance Tour at TPAC (it was amazing, check out my post about it!)

* The one ironic thing to me was that our friends took the kids home with them to sleepover on Halloween and instead of a peace-filled evening, my hubs and I got in a bit of a tiff. I’ve always heard about couples having difficulty once the kids leave for college, but I didn’t expect it after just one night away 🙂 It’s interesting because we feel pulled between getting things done without kids and spending time connecting with each other. Please tell me we’re not the only ones who struggle with this…

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The Daily Dash: November 2, 2015 {Holidays are Here}

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