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The Daily Dash: November 30, 2016 {#Reset}

It’s midweek and you just might be in need of a reset…

The Daily Dash: November 30, 2016 {#Reset}

* OSU attacker had ties to ISIS
* Wildfires & tornadoes kill 3 people in south
* Tiger Woods 1 Day away from returning to professional golf

This Week’s Verse: Ephesians 5:31
For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh

There is nothing thrilling about a laboring person’s work, but it is that person who makes the ideas of the genius possible~ Oswald Chambers

I was about to say “I had to speak” at a middle school this morning, which is why I’m coming to you late, but instead I choose to say “I got to speak” at a middle school this morning. Let’s just say, as if I didn’t already appreciate middle school teachers enough already, I have an entirely new respect for that population!

I have a sick kid today, which doesn’t help since today is my busiest day of the week, but that’s what being a working mom is all about!

Which reminds me, my friend, Jen Reyneri has written a book called “Reset”. Here is the best synopsis I can give you:
“In Reset, through playful poetic prose and beautiful photography, the author encourages and guides you in this quick read to rethink your status updates beyond a “thumbs up” and to look up and breathe in all the goodness of God’s glory.”
You can find it on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2gy3SWn

Looking for ways to give to Gatlinburg?  Here is my post on how to help: https://www.samicone.com/how-to-help-with-east-tennessee-wildfires/

Focus on the Family Interview
If you missed my Focus on the Family interview, you can listen online here: https://www.samicone.com/raising-uncommon-kids-focus-on-the-family-interview/

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The Daily Dash: November 30, 2016 {#Reset} Sami Cone

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