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The Daily Dash: October 9, 2017 {#ColumbusDay Debate, #P2I & #MomDaughter Trip to #Chattanooga} #ChattanoogaFun #TheChattanoogan

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I didn’t feel like talking to you about sickness anymore, so today is a new day and a new adventure…

The Daily Dash: October 9, 2017 {#ColumbusDay Debate, #P2I & #MomDaughter Trip to #Chattanooga}  #ChattanoogaFun #TheChattanoogan

* Wildfire in Napa County necessitates evacuations
*Talks to get rid of “Columbus Day” & instead celebrate “Indigenous Peoples Day” hit a high (Ironically, I had no idea about this debate until my 13 yo daughter enlightened me!)
* VP Mike Pence left Colts game after players on the 49ers knelt during the national anthem
* Lights dimmed on the Las Vegas strip last night to honor victims of mass-shooting that happened one week ago
* Both JJ Watt & OBJ out due to fractures

Temptation itself is not sin…it suggests a possible shortcut to the realization of my highest goal – Oswald Chambers

Sorry I didn’t come to you on Friday, but even I was getting sick of seeing myself on the couch and talking about sores and such. I remained inside all weekend until yesterday, when I braved the world for a church event. As I sat in the car – out of breath from just walking – I told my daughter it felt like a combination of chicken pox & mono. Yet even with that, I can’t simply sit on the couch anymore.

Kariss and I have been planning a Mother/Daughter trip to Chattanooga for some time now. (If you saw on Instagram this morning, I shared that my boys are in Seattle on a Father/Son trip; technically it was supposed to happen last year, but it turns out it’s been well worth the wait). The importance of one-on-one time with our kids is invaluable and as difficult as it can be to find the time & money for it, I cannot stress the importance of the investment enough.

However, this trip in particular is not just because our boys are gone or because it’s Fall Break, but to go through FamilyLife’s Passport2Identity for teens (http://www.familylife.com/passport2identity-com). Obviously, with my Shingles diagnosis, my ability to travel has been in question. What we’ve decided is that we’re going to break the short drive to Chattanooga into even shorter segments and just enjoy the journey.

After all, our final destination for the trip is the incomparable hotel, The Chattanoogan, so I can’t think of a better place to simply relax and enjoy the amenities with my daughter. If I have to rest and lay low, I’d much rather do it surrounded by gorgeous views of lookout mountain in the midst of the world-class amenities they offer. This time together is simply too important to miss out on and I am believing that God will honor that through strength and health.

I promise I won’t be too active, but you can follow along with our girl time on my social media handles and #TheChattanoogan / #ChattanoogaFun.

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The Daily Dash: October 9, 2017 {#ColumbusDay Debate, #P2I & #MomDaughter Trip to #Chattanooga}  #ChattanoogaFun #TheChattanoogan

Hope you make it a great day!