How to Hear God’s Voice {and TRUST it}

by Sami

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Do you ever wonder how to hear God’s voice? And if you do hear something, further wonder if you can trust that it truly is God speaking to you?

Hear God's Voice and Trust It

How do we help kids hear God’s voice…and trust it?

One of my biggest pet peeves is coming onto a website or blog, only to discover yet another way I’m not living up to my potential as a parent.

I don’t take this privilege lightly of getting to speak into your lives as parents and as such, I pray over and, ultimately, choose my words carefully.

Although I jumped at the chance to write about when God asks us to do crazy things, putting words on paper about the topic has challenged me.


Because for years when I would hear people say, “God told me to…” or “God spoke to me…”, it made me feel insufficient as a Christian.

Is that even a thing – an insufficient Christian? To me, it was my reality.

Coming to faith later in life, I felt like I had a lot of catching up to do. I didn’t know “how” to do a lot of things I read about in the Bible: pray, talk about Jesus, and most of all, hear God’s voice.

So I would be ignorant to think I could write an article about when God asks us to do crazy things without thinking some of you were turned off by the title alone. Perhaps you, like me before, even experienced feelings of shame and insufficiency.

But believe me, that is not my intent at all.

Just as I’ve been challenged in finding the right words to share with you, I believe that is what hearing God’s voice is all about: challenging us to step beyond what we humanly believe is possible, both in hearing and obedience.

What I’ve come to learn as a woman of faith is in order to hear God’s voice, I have to do two things:
1. Ask him questions
2. Make quiet space for him to answer

Now, when it comes to talking to our kids about hearing God’s voice, that’s another story.

In some ways, it can be easier because of their child-like faith. Yet at other times, trying to explain the surreal experience of hearing God’s voice to our little ones can seem daunting.

One way I’ve ‘normalized’ talking to God is… {Read the full article at}

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