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The Daily Dash: September 14, 2017 {A Thursday Wedding #WeddyToBeWalden}

I had to shut down and give myself a time-out yesterday…

The Daily Dash: September 14, 2017 {A Thursday Wedding #WeddyToBeWalden}

8 elderly died in nursing home without power in Florida after hurricane Irma
* Trump did not reach deal with Democrats about DACA & border security after evening meeting
* Study raises concerns about pregnant mothers suffering miscarriage after getting flu vaccine
* Serena Williams releases first picture of baby girl and reveals unique name
* Fixer Upper stars chip and Joanna Gaines announce collaboration with Target

If we believe in Jesus, it is not what we gain but what He pours through us that really counts – Oswald Chambers

Yesterday I was having a SUPER-DIFFICULT time finding joy and letting go; I was annoyed over a couple circumstances going on and couldn’t figure out how to move past them. So…about 1pm (after I’d already done my hair and makeup – which doesn’t always happen for me every day!), I shut down my computer, stopped working and decided to ‘reboot’ my day. Let’s call it an adult time-out. I took a shower, drank some tea, took some deep breaths, cried out to God, and re-grounded myself. And here I am!

Today I’m thrilled we get to go to a wedding (yes, I said wedding). I know so many people who’ve asked us to do things over the past couple weeks must think we’re just trying to get out of hanging out with them or helping when we told them we had a wedding on a Thursday night, but we really do! (That’s what you get with musicians in Nashville 😉) It’s one of my favorite families, so we can’t wait to dance the night away with our friends.

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The Daily Dash: September 14, 2017 {A Thursday Wedding #WeddyToBeWalden}

Hope you make it a great day!