The Daily Dash: September 18, 2017 {I Thought I Was Going To Die}

by brenna

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I’m starting on a new path today after a scary night…

The Daily Dash: September 18, 2017 {I Thought I Was Going To Die}

* 3 Hurricanes in Atlantic
* Protests in St. Louis continues for 3rd straight day, leading to 80 arrests so far
* 4 American female college students burned by acid attack in French train station
* Emmy Awards last night honored TV’s best, including Handmaid’s Tale, Veep, Big Little Lies & SNL

Some of us are like the Dead Sea, always receiving but never giving – Oswald Chambers

Well, I told you my daughter had a volleyball game on Friday night, right? Afterwards, everyone wanted to to carbo-load on pasta. But, being the frugal girl I am, I have SUCH a hard time spending money on pasta in a restaurant because what I can make at home for about $2 would likely cost our family of 4 about $80 after tip at a restaurant.

However, since I didn’t have any gluten-free pasta, I went ahead and made regular. But within a couple hours after eating, I started shivering and shaking violently. I haven’t been strictly gluten-free lately, but it is how I try to eat. By 10pm, I was searching for even more ways to get warmer in bed and eventually resorted to tying my huge bathrobe around me under the covers, but it still didn’t work.

By 11:30, I contemplated driving myself to the ER and was literally pleading with the Lord for my life, as I started to lose feeling in my mouth and fingers. I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up at 2am absolutely drenched in sweat. I spent most of Saturday laying low, drinking fluids and watching football and thankfully started feeling better by bedtime on Saturday.

All that to say, I knew I needed to make a change. So this morning, I started something new. I’m hesitant to talk about it just yet because I’d like to start this journey without airing it on social media, but don’t worry, I will definitely update you all on what I think about it and my progress once I make it a habit.

Ok, enough about me. I hope you each take this Monday by the horns and make it a great day!

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The Daily Dash: September 18, 2017 {I Thought I Was Going To Die}

Hope you make it a great day!

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