The Daily Dash: September 21, 2018 {A Star is Born Honest Review}

by brenna

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Nothing was going to keep me in bed today…

The Daily Dash: September 21, 2018 {A Star is Born Honest Review}

* LeBron James to star in remake of “Space Jam”
* 7th Annual Global Citizens Festival this weekend
* Browns end 635 day losing streak
* 6 stabbed at NYC daycare, including 3 infants
* National Chai Day

Determinedly demolish some things ~ Oswald Chambers

Well friends, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? It seems I picked up a bug somewhere and spent all of Wednesday shivering under multiple layers in my bed with a fever. Though the fever broke yesterday, I still felt like a truck hit me, so I stayed in bed and worked.

But today, nothing can keep me in bed because my son is competing in his first district tennis tournament! Plus, it’s our kids’ first Homecoming experience, so I need to at least get them to the game tonight.

THEN, I get to attend the True Food Kitchen Nashville VIP event. Y’all, I’ve been PRAYING for this restaurant (envisioned by Dr. Andrew Weil) to come to Nashville for years: it is the first restaurant I’ve ever eaten at that’s both healthy and delicious ACROSS THE BOARD. Stay tuned for more on Monday after I get to experience it here in my hometown.

I know I also promised my review of “A Star is Born”. I attended the Nashville premier on Tuesday night, followed by a live Q&A with Bradley Cooper & some of the songwriters (maybe they got me sick? J/K!). This marks Cooper’s directorial debut and on that front, it was fabulous. There is already Oscar buzz for this film and I can see why – it was masterfully filmed and the acting is excellent.

That being said, this film was much darker than I expected and the profanity just about shut me down and make me walk out of the theater. I understand character roles, but at times it seemed gratuitous rather than for emphasis. Add in some scenes of nudity, this is definitely not a film for your children and I dare say this is not a film for some adults. If I had seen an airplane version of this film, I think I would have liked it much more, but there were too many questions that couldn’t be answered for me.

To end on a high-note, one thing I did love was the music. What a POWERFUL soundtrack comprised of original music. The stars commented that “every song has it’s own life” and they were most proud of the song “Always Remember Us This Way”. The story occurs in the songs: the great lyrics, melodies and songs are what were ultimately woven into the script. “If you think about it, a movie really is a song: it’s one musical element”.

Another reason for the success was that they took a lot of Nashville out to LA and they saw magic happen on the spot. Cooper also admitted that he would have been terrified if he hadn’t written the movie because it was so personal. He also felt compelled to tell the truth of addicts and honor everything he learned from his heroes, both in music and beyond.

Bradley Cooper went on to say, “If you put 100% into what you do, you’re going to succeed”. He worked every day for a year to perfect his craft, his voice and his performance, so it’s no wonder he pulls off this role so well.

If you want to pre-order the “A Star is Born” Soundtrack, you can find it here on Amazon (and yes, I’m linking you to the “clean” version, not the explicit version): (affiliate link):

I’m praying this as much for me as all of you: may we all experience abundant physical health today and into the weekend!

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The Daily Dash: September 21, 2018 {A Star is Born Honest Review} #AStarIsBorn

Hope you make it a great day!

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