The Daily Dash: September 18, 2018 {Stretched Too Thin Book for Working Moms}

by brenna

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If you’re a working mom, you need to read this (literally)…

The Daily Dash: September 18, 2018 {Stretched Too Thin Book for Working Moms}

* Space X reveals first person to travel to moon
* Deadly tornado in Virginia
* Apple iOS 12 available for anyone with an iPhone 5 or higher
* Henry Winkler won Emmy Award; also an acceptance speech that turned into a marriage proposal
* National Cheeseburger Day

Some of us are like the Dead Sea, always receiving but never giving ~ Oswald Chambers

I’ll be honest, I have a hard time promoting myself, but I LOVE when I get to brag on my friends…and today is one of those days where I get to do just that.

Even if Jessica Turner wasn’t my friend, I would be recommending her new book that releases TODAY. Stretched Too Thin is not just a book for working moms, but it’s a collection of research, stories and practical tips for women who work in ANY way, shape or fashion.

Believe it or not, as much as I loved speaking on the cruise last week, I actually felt guilty as I told people I was leaving my family for 5 days…even though it was for work. And yet, I see moms taking “girl trips” all the time without having to explain themselves (not that they need to – simply making a comparison).

From managing work and home responsibilities to being impacted by a lack of self-care and time for deep friendships, the struggle is real. Full of compassion and encouragement, Stretched Too Thin will empower women with useful insights and tools to thrive as working moms.

If this sounds like you or a friend, PLEASE consider purchasing this book for you AND them TODAY! Get it quickly on Amazon Prime here: (Affiliate link):

Ironically, there are a lot of big names releasing books today, from Reese Witherspoon to Sally Field. You can check out all of today’s hot releases here:

As a working mom, I know it can be easy to feel guilty for what we do, so I pray freedom from any guilty, worry or anxiety over you today.

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The Daily Dash: September 18, 2018 {Stretched Too Thin Book for Working Moms} #StretchedTooThin

Hope you make it a great day!

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