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The Daily Dash: September 25 2015 {Speaking at #dotMom}

In today’s Daily Dash video, September 25 2015, While thousands are rushing to see the Pope, I’ll settle for the hundreds of moms I’ll have the pleasure of mentoring this weekend…

The Daily Dash: September 25 2015 {Speaking at #dotMom}

* Pope at UN & Madison Square Garden
* 4 killed in “duck boat” crash
* iPhone 6S released

* I can’t believe it’s Friday! While most of you may be getting ready to relax, I’m getting ready to speak at Lifeway Women’s dotMOM event here in Nashville!
(Learn more here: http://www.lifeway.com/event/womens-event-dotmom-Nashville-TN)

I’m actually speaking twice on Saturday:
* Raising Uncommon Kids: 7 Traits To Raise Selfless Kids In a Self-centered World


* Moms’ Top Money Questions Answered
…and this is where I could really use your help: what money questions do you have that you want answered? Even if you can’t be with my live, I’ll make sure to share my answers on my blog afterwards.

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The Daily Dash: September 25, 2015 {Speaking at #dotMom}

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