The Daily Dash: September 27, 2018 {A Different Perspective on Sexual Abuse}

by brenna

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I may be eating my words after yesterday…

The Daily Dash: September 27, 2018 {A Different Perspective on Sexual Abuse}


* Six year old autistic boy still missing
* Senate judiciary committee holds Kavanaugh hearing today
* Barbara Streisand releases first album since 2005
* Starbucks Happy Hour (
* National Scarf Day

A private relationship of worshipping God is the greatest essential element of spiritual fitness ~ Oswald Chambers

The country (& I daresay, the world) has been riveted by the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford in front of member of the Senate today. I confessed yesterday that I had a very similar experience in high school to Dr. Ford, as well as other instances of sexual assault I’d never previously given much thought to until counseling. (You can catch up here if you missed it:

A brave woman (& friend) reached out to me privately after my Daily Dash yesterday providing another point of view on the topic of whether or not victims of sexual abuse should speak out, especially after such a long period of time has elapsed.

I made a comment yesterday that I wasn’t sure if it was worth it to ruin someone’s life in present day, when they now have a family and presence in the community, for the sake of something they may have done in a moment of foolishness while in school (or something to that effect).

I’d like to share a piece of her perspective with you (which she gave me permission to share anonymously):
You had a powerful post this morning. Courageous survivor. Something I never knew until this post.

I wish at any point in the last 20 years I had, as a wife, gotten direct information about the activities of my ex-husband. When I finally did, it made life make so much more sense. It would have helped me understand what was happening in our relationship that didn’t make sense to me without such data. Hard stuff.

It’s just that being a victim and/or victimizing ppl might not just stop. Repentance or ownership could be good for a person. God opportunities to come out of shame. Freedom or understanding for those getting the shrapnel. Opportunities for help. Just thinking along side of you.

In my thoughts that I might be ‘protecting’ a current spouse by not coming forward, it never dawned on me that I could be perpetuating their own personal darkness.

Again, not a definitive answer either way, but I’m so thankful for each of you that continue to participate in this daily conversation with me here.

It pains me watching Dr. Ford deliver her testimony and my heart aches for her. Regardless of what you believe, may we each be reminded to extend kindness today, both to ourselves and to those around us…especially those we may not understand.

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The Daily Dash: September 27, 2018 {A Different Perspective on Sexual Abuse} #KavanaughHearings #WhyIDidntReport

Hope you make it a great day!

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