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The Daily Dash: September 29 2014 {Weekend to Remember & bonus Dance Break}

In today’s Daily Dash video, September 29 2014, I’m catching you up on ALL the news from the weekend, including my backstage experience at the Grando Ole Opry with the Tommy Nelson Mommies (and there’s even a bonus dance break at the end of the video)…

The Daily Dash: September 29 2014

– Dozens killed after volcano erupts
– 4 college softball players killed after bus crash
– flights still delayed in and out of Chicago after sabotage at FAA facility
– Obama admitted US officials underestimated ISIS
– mystery enterovirus affects kids in 40 states, causing polio-like symptoms
And on a happier note…
– Chelsea Clinton gives birth to a baby girl
– Jeter says goodbye to baseball
– George Clooney finally a married man

– If you missed any of my weekend, catch up on Twitter & Instagram with the hashtag #MommyMeetUp
– Get the FULL details about my backstage interaction at the Opry with Vince Gill
– Working with iBlog magazine today
– Request any other moves you want to see for my next spontaneous dance break 😉

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The Daily Dash September 29, 2014 {Weekend to Remember & bonus Dance Break}

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