The Daily Dash Video Series

by Sami

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In an effort to help you stay up to date, not only on what’s going on in my life, but also in the world around us, I’m proud to bring you my Daily Dash Video Series!

Daily Dash Video Series

Yes, you heard me right – it’s The Daily Dash Video Series right here on!

Got 3 minutes? That’s all I need to feed you with the latest headlines, updates & fun from my world to yours…all from the dashboard of my car.

Whether you want to be in the know around the water cooler or be among the first to share on social media, I’ve got everything you need to hear every morning. Mix in my schedule and inspiration from my own experiences, and you have The Daily Dash.

Daily Dash Video Schedule

Expect to see a Daily Dash video every weekday, but let’s keep it real. If something in my life takes priority, I’m not going to force it that day. Likewise, if I have earth-shattering news on the weekend, you’ll hear from me then too.

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