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Sibling Love: #SiblingLove Twitter Party on 2/25

The topic of love is not a new one for February, but how much thought do you give you sibling love?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

I essentially grew up as an only child; I have three half brothers, but they were all out of the house by the time I was two. So when it comes to mediating the relationship between my own kids, I don’t have a ton of personal experiences to draw from.

Perhaps thats why I felt the need to write The Secret of Sibling Love on Vanderbilt’s Children’s Wishing Well blog this month.

My kids are in a unique stage of life (ages 8 & 9) where they are developing their own way in life, yet still looking to me for guidance & direction. While I can share lessons on love, kindness & compassion with them, I believe there truly are unique lessons that can be taught to them when it comes to loving their sibling.

So my fellow Tommy Nelson mommies and I will be hosting a Twitter Party on exactly this topic on Tuesday, February 25 at 8pmCST/9pm EST!

Sibling Love Twitter Party

Just RSVP over on FaithGateway.com in the comments section so you can qualify for one of the many gifts we’ll be giving away during our #SiblingLove Twitter Party.

So whether you are a sibling, have siblings, or one day want to give birth to siblings, I guarantee you’re going to get something out of this family event! (And God knows we all need to learn and grow from each other, so the more voices that can contribute to this conversation, the better!)