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The Nashville 2010 “Weather Event”

The Nashville 2010 Weather Event will not take us down with it! Let me start by saying our entire family is safe, just slightly in disbelief over everything we are witnessing – both in our backyard and on the news.

We really thought that by moving AWAY from Florida, we would avoid being stuck in our home for prolonged periods of time because of insane amounts of water.

I officially admit my mistake.

Still, I’m thankful there are not 100+ mph winds that are accompanying this catastrophe. not that I’m trying to make light of the situation. To this point, 5 people have lost their lives and many are still stranded, so this is far from over.

This morning, every news channel has warned us “not to leave our homes – not even for church”, so here we are, riding out the battery power on the computer and praying that our power stays on and that the water levels at Hillmeade don’t match those on our highways.

So say a prayer for everyone in this part of the country since this storm is far from over. And while you’re at it, leave a comment below with your favorite activities for when your family is stranded in the house!

Photo courtesy of Alli Albright/WSMV


  1. Glad you guys are safe Sami! Let us know if you need anything. I keep hearing Bellvue and keep thinking of you guys! We’re here if you need anything!

  2. Thanks Rana! I know – it’s been crazy to keep hearing “Bellevue” all over the news. Looks like we’re not going anywhere for awhile!
    Miss you – wee need to talk soon!

  3. I never cease to be amazed at God’s timing! Just think, I was your neighbor just two weeks ago! Did you get any water in your place? I will continue to keep your family in my prayers!

  4. Hi Tanya! I hope you made it to TX safely. Yes, it is crazy & no, we didn’t get any water inside, but it is incredibly musty and the stench just a little further down Hwy 70 is unbearable. Glad you were able to get out before this! Say hi to Milo from the kids 😉