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The Small Things are the Big Things

kids-on-floorAs parents, we often talk about giving our kids all the big things we didn’t have when we were young.

Even though I frequently tell my kids they don’t need any more stuff and I privately pledge not to buy them any more “junk”, I still find myself stopping in store aisles to find ways to treat them.

In fact, even though we just consigned a ton of costumes and finally came to the realization that my daughter has most likely grown out of that phase, I still almost bought her another Ariel costume.

That’s when it hit me – I’m really not buying this stuff for my kids (in fact, they don’t even ask me for most of it) – I’m buying it for myself.

The truth is, I like the rush that comes from watching my kids receive those gifts. I craved the adoration I received when I gave them a present.

So the other night I performed a little experiment. I turned off the tv, got them out of their room and got on the floor with them in the family room. We tickled, we wrestled and we laughed until it hurt. I would venture to say that I haven’t seen them so delighted in quite some time.

Had I just spent $100 on the latest toy craze? No
Had I just taken them out for an ice cream sundae? No

The only thing I gave them was my time and attention…and it was all they needed.

Take a little time today to evaluate what commodity you’re using with your own kids. You just might find you’re overspending in areas where you shouldn’t be and undervaluing other very important areas as a result.


  1. Very nicely said! It has taken some time but I had to teach my husband that lesson. His two children from him previous marriage he felt he had to buy them something everytime they are here. It is their dad’s time that they need, not more stuff.

  2. Thanks so much Tracy. It’s such a simple principle, but so hard for so many of us to grasp – and we must remind ourselves on a daily basis to do so!

  3. Well said! Wishing you a holiday filled with love, attention and tickles. 🙂

  4. Thanks friend! Same to you!!