The Successful Speaker Review {The Daily Dash: February 20, 2020}

by brenna

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Regardless of whether or not you’ve ever considered yourself a public speaker, you need this new book…

The Successful Speaker Review {The Daily Dash: February 20, 2020}


* Bloomberg faltered in his first Democratic Debate
* Harry & Meghan will officially end their royal duties on 3/31
* Roger Federer recovering from knee surgery; will miss French Open
* National Muffin Day


The goal of my spiritual life is such close identification with Jesus Christ that I will always hear God & know He hears me- Oswald Chambers


Have you ever watched a keynote, talk, or presentation, and thought to yourself: “I could do that.”
You already know it’s run through my mind and I’m proud to not only be a speaker, but to teach a university course in public speaking. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need to keep learning.

And like I tell my students, whether or not you fancy yourself a public speaker or just want to improve your skills for interviews and everyday interactions, we can all learn a lot from speaker training.

Well, get this. A good friend of mine, named Grant Baldwin, is the founder of a company called The Speaker Lab. In fact, he was gracious enough to do a Q&A with my Intro to Comm class today and KILLED IT!

A lot of people in the speaking industry consider Grant to be the “go-to guy” for anyone who wants to learn how to start a speaking business.

I’m telling you this because Grant just released a new book called The Successful Speaker (affiliate) and it’s already become a #1 best-seller on Amazon.

This book will quickly become the new go-to for how to find and book speaking gigs that pay well and help build your platform.

So whether you’re wanting to learn more about the “how-to” behind becoming a public speaker or know someone who does, I highly recommend Grant’s new book.

Many people hide trade secrets and techniques close to their heart, but Grant is wildly generous with his knowledge and expertise. I know you’ll get your money’s worth out of this resource!

I pray we all learn something new today while continuing to learn and grow in our respective crafts.

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The Successful Speaker Review {The Daily Dash: February 20, 2020} #SuccessfulSpeaker

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