Tommy Nelson August Blog: School, The Yearly Dilemma

by Sami

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School is back in FULL swing!

For me, being raised in the Chicago public school system and being proud to have graduated with over 400 students, it was mentally difficult to wrap my head around sending my daughter into a class of less than 20, much less at a private school.

But years ago, before my kids were even school age, a mentor told me how important it was to individually evaluate your child’s school situation year to year. For instance, what works for them one year may not be the best decision for them the next. And she should know…as the daughter of a public school principle and licensed psychotherapist, she educated her two children through Public, Private AND Homeschool methods over their educational careers. (She also wrote an amazing book I highly recommend, Regret Free Parenting: Raise Good Kids and Know You’re Doing It Right )

She also made another profound statement when it comes to kids’ schooling that I’ll never forget. It went something like this:
“Kids are very resilient; they can withstand one bad year…you just have to make sure they don’t have two bad years in a row.”

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