Top 3 Tips to make this Valentine’s Day Different

by Sami

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Me & My Honey

I have something powerful to share with you today: the top 3 tips to make this Valentine’s Day different from any other!

Think sexy. Think sizzle.

I wish I could say these top Valentines Day tips came from me, but in fact they’re from my new friend, Gina Parris, who developed after realizing that despite loving her husband, she had a very low sex drive. A successful performance coach with athletes and stock brokers, she decided to apply the same principles to her personal life and VOILA! was finally able to overcome her own low sex drive.

Her tagline is: “Discover How to Stop fighting, sulking and getting depressed over your married sex life. There is an answer!” LOVE it!

You’ll be hearing more of Gina’s story in the coming weeks in a new series I’ll be starting on, but I just couldn’t wait to share some of these tips with you so that you can make a difference right away in helping to make your Valentine’s Day hotter than it’s ever been. (And if you’re a female, I don’t think your husband would argue that this is the best gift you could ever give him 🙂

Top 3 tips for making this Valentine’s Day different:

1. Make up your mind that you deserve to feel great and pamper your mate.
Believe for things to go differently. Set your heart that things will go well & something precious would happen. (I took this to mean positive thinking pumped up a few notches!)

2. Acknowledge any anxiety and accept yourself in spite of it

3. Really take time to get in touch with your senses and be present. Choose to see how things unfold.Breathe deep/stay in the moment/learn the technique….20 minutes could change your life too…
It may seem trivial, but taking the time to release everything else you’re hanging on to before spending time with your husband is powerful!

I hope these tips help change your Valentine’s Day for the better. If it does, please come back and let us know about it!

To learn more about, visit Gina’s website, where you can also sign up for her free audio series “5 keys to really great sex…even if you’re not in the mood”.

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