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Vote & Win a Fresh Produce Maxi Dress

I need your help yet again! Vote on which Fresh Produce Dress Maxi dress you think I should wear on Talk of the Town on August 2nd and you’ll have a chance to win one for yourself!

You guys did such a great job helping me choose my fabulous dress last month that I know you’ll do equally as well this month, since I have two beautiful Fresh Produce dresses to choose from.

I know I typically give you pictures of me modeling the dresses with pretty leaves and such in the background, but not this month. I couldn’t wait to wear these colorful dresses, so I’ve got some fun pictures from this week where I got to celebrate two great events: my best friend coming to visit me in Nashville for the first time and my daughter’s 7th birthday!

Your first choice is the Malibu Maxi Dress in Sunrise. I LOVE this dress for its fit, feel and color. Perhaps you remember my original Malibu Maxi from my March trip to Disney World and I love it even more in this color. I’ve definitely come to find the Malibu Maxi as my ‘go-to’ dress: I’ve worn it for everything from plane travel and grocery shopping to commercial auditions and date nights…and it’s been equally fabulous in all situations! Below you’ll see it in the picture with my best friend and former roommate just after picking her up from the airport (and she’s wearing the equally fun and summery Bali Cafe Wrap Dress in Thistle!)

Carolyn (in her Bali Wrap) & Me (in my Malibu Maxi)

Now I know I’ve just pledged my love to the Malibu Maxi, but don’t let that sway you until you’ve checked out the Soleil Dress in Thistle. This is also a great maxi dress that is flattering, feminine and totally timeless. It’s got a super-cute neckline and of course you know I’m loving the purple for the summer (who am I kidding…I love purple all the time!).

As soon as I got it, I knew it would be the perfect dress for my daughter’s “Tangled” themed 7th birthday party! Not only did it totally fit the purplish/pinkish/lavender color scheme, but it was comfortable enough to run around and finish last minute details in while still looking cute for all the pictures at the end of the party πŸ™‚

The Soleil Dress in Thistle - party perfect!

And I know this picture doesn’t show the dress as well, but I just had to show one more super cute pic of our family from the party:

The Cone Family with Rapunzel & Flynn Ryder πŸ™‚

So have at it! Let me know which dress you think I should wear on-air on live tv! My next Talk of the Town appearance will be on Tuesday, August 2nd at 11am on NewsChannel5 here in Nashville. You’ll want to be sure to tune in, not only to see which dress I wear, but to find out all the latest Back to School Bargains so you can send your kids to school for less!

Remember, not only are you helping me choose my Talk of the Town outfit, but whichever dress you vote for (by leaving a comment below) you’ll also have a chance of winning! That’s right, one lucky reader will actually win the Fresh Produce dress they vote for (though you can choose your own color)!!!!

Just leave a comment below saying whether you love the Malibu Maxi or the Soleil Dress. (You can enter once per day via this method).
If you want some extra optional entries, do the following:

  1. Become a Fan on Facebook (SamiCone.com) & SHARE the contest on your Facebook wall
  2. Follow @TheSamiCone on Twitter & SHARE the contest on Twitter
  3. Show Fresh Produce how much you LOVE these dresses by following them on Twitter and Facebook too!
    Here’s what to say for options 2 & 3: I want to win & wear a @FreshProduceNow Maxi Dress like @TheSamiCone http://samicone.com/?p=13501
Since the show is in just a few days, we’re going to extend the voting for a full week! Though I’ll wear the dress that’s winning as of midnight on August 1, you have until 11:59pm CST on Thursday, August 4 to vote.
Don’t forget that you can vote for your favorite dress once per day. and tune in to Talk of the Town on August 2nd to find out which dress won!


  1. I love the Malibu Maxi! It looks very comfy not to mention versatile & flattering!

  2. So, I think you should wear the Malibu Maxi. But, maybe that’s just because I like that one for myself πŸ™‚

    I tweeted. And, I of course follow SamiCone.com on Facebook!

  3. I love the Soleil Dress on you. It looks fabulous!

  4. I follow you on twitter

  5. I’m tweeting about the contest!

  6. Tweeted the contest! LOVE the purple malibu maxi!!

  7. posted the contest on my facebook. πŸ™‚

  8. Malibu Maxi – although they’re both super cute!

  9. I’m leaning towards the Soleil dress πŸ™‚


  10. I follow Fresh Produce on FB (Gia Patton-Judge) and Twitter (@giapett) – and tweeted:



  11. Hey Sami,
    I vote for the soleil dress! It looks extra cute πŸ™‚

  12. Malibu maxi looks great love the color! Looks like a relaxable dress I would love to wear there and show it off, plus it would be my very first dress I ever owned!!! No joke

  13. Day 2 I still love the soleil dress.

  14. Day 3
    I love the Soleil Dress.

  15. Follow you on FB!

  16. Liked FP on FB!

  17. I vote for the Malibu Maxi (I want it too!)

  18. I’m a FB fan and shared the contest on my wall so I can win the Malibu Maxi!

  19. I really like the Soleil Dress in Thistle. Not sure if it’s the neckline or the name of the color that I like more! πŸ™‚

  20. Tweeted the contest today! STILL love the purple maxi. πŸ™‚

  21. shared the contest on my facebook today! πŸ™‚ (yes, i haven’t bought a new dress since April and before that it had been over 2 years!)

  22. Love the long light purple one for my wife!

  23. I love the soliel in thistle. My Favorite Color! Pick me!

  24. Loved the maxi in pink… My shade … Goes great with my Sarasota tan.

  25. Can’t wait to win the Soleil in black… Perfect summer style for me

  26. Sami in Soleil! Very smart yet casual… Could go anywhere

  27. Sami in Soleil! That dress could go anywhere!

  28. Day 4 I love the Soleil Dress

  29. I like the Soleil. I love the color and the neckline, very flattering.

  30. Thanks so much – love that you still love it πŸ˜‰

  31. I’m not in Nashville. I live in Texas.

    Which one did you wear?

    I still pick (for day 5) The Soleil. It is pretty and very flattering.

  32. The Soleil won πŸ™‚ I’ll post a video of the show as soon as I can!

  33. Yes! I knew my persistent votes would push the Soleil into the winner’s circle! I feel productive. πŸ™‚
    Do you enjoy doing the TV spots? It seems like it would be fun and scary.

  34. posted the contest on Twitter one last time. I think it’s still open, right? Anyways, I’d just love to have a new dress. lol

  35. ok, read the details and see that the contest is still open tomorrow too!! Woot! So I shared it on my facebook again! I love both dresses!

  36. Today I still vote for Soleil!

  37. Yes – it worked πŸ™‚ I do love doing the tv segments – I’ve always loved performing and now it’s great that I can use it as a platform to help others!

  38. Rachel Wojnarowski

    Would love to win either. Still like the maxi better for me though. πŸ™‚ LOVE the thistle color. Or black!

  39. Yes, it’s awesome that you’re able to help people save money!

  40. i loved the soleil in the lilac!…..a little late on my post but I hope I win!