Weekly trip to Publix

by Sami

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dscf1026Here’s what I was able to get for $23 while “earning” 4 penny items this week (sweet tea for my hubby!). The Old El Paso deal was great because the boxes are BOGO, plus I found peelies that got me free taco seasoning mixes by buying the boxed kits and then I also got $1 off each of the refried beans (which were also on sale) with peelies I found at Wal Mart! Looks like we’ll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo in style!
The Cheerios were also on in-store special for $1.99 each, plus I had a coupon for $1 off when I bought 3 AND there was another Publix promotion that gave me a free gallon of milk when I bought 3 GM cereals – another great triangle deal!

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