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by Sami

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iBlog Magazine for Professional Women Bloggers

Welcome to iBlog Magazine, the new industry standard for equipping bloggers interested in growing their brand and business…and I have an iBlog magazine discount for you to celebrate the launch!

iBlog is the only magazine to connect experienced and first time bloggers, as well further that connection with social media experts, national brands and marketing specialists.Through print and online resources, iBlog shares insider secrets from the social media and blogging industry’s best.

The iBlog magazine website is now LIVE (iBlogmagazine.com) and I’ve got an iBlog magazine discount for Cyber Monday that will not only save you 17% off, but will essentially give you TWO MONTHS FREE!

iBlog Magazine Discount details

What: iBlog Magazine, the only magazine for professional women bloggers!
Discount: 17% off both the online AND print magazine susbscription
Code to Use: BFCM13
Where to buy: iBlogmagazine.com

I’m so excited to finally let the cat out of the bag about iBlog magazine! I’ve been working as their Operations Director for over a year and am so proud to finally have the site live.

Setting a new precedent in the industry, iBlog serves as guide for bloggers and media professionals alike to learn, share & grow their businesses collaboratively. Never before has a single entity brought the full story from both sides of the screen and articulated the needs to benefit bloggers and brands from every angle: iBlog accomplishes just that.

We’re just getting started here at iBlog! Over the coming months you’ll find some familiar faces looking back at you from our pages, as well as some new ones making a splash in the blog world. We’re also excited to introduce you to some of the people behind the brands you’ve always wanted to work with but may never have known how.

I’m most excited about the interviews I’ve been able to conduct with top bloggers, social media experts, brand representatives, agency executives and network founders. You’ll learn, laugh, and, most importantly, walk away being able to make an immediate impact on your blogging business!

If you’re on the brand side of the equation, we’re also here to assist you in figuring out how to maximize your partnerships with bloggers.

So stick around – we can’t wait to start the conversation with you!

iBlog Magazine for Professional Women Bloggers

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