When God Made the World Author Interview

by Sami

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In my February show, I sat down to interview the author of When God Made the World. Not only did we hear about the book, but also the heart behind it. More importantly, I wanted to get to the heart of why he took on the charge for representation and diversity in children’s books and how we can help our kids show love to everyone around them (and what we as adults can learn from it too!).

matthew Paul Turner interview on The Sami Cone Show February 2020

Matthew Paul Turner Interview

In my interview with Matthew Paul Turner, we covered the following questions and then some:

  • Why Matthew felt the need to champion diversity/inclusion in children’s books
  • How he makes that real for his own kids/family
  • What we can learn as adults from a message like this and how we can continue the conversation beyond the pages of the book
  • How to persevere/pursue your passion when you initially hear no
when god made the world book cover

You can buy Matthew’s newest book, When God Made the World, wherever books are sold, including these retailers:

Watch the video of Matthew’s interview below:

You can watch The Sami Cone Show LIVE at 1pm CT on February 14, 2020. Check out all the segments from Episode 6 of The Sami Cone Show too.

You can follow Matthew Paul Turner online and on Instagram.

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