Why did Drew Middleton leave Tenth Avenue North?

by Sami

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Ok, so I find it odd that on my family blog where I do little else but talk about the funny things my kids say and babble about the interesting (to me) things that God reveals to me during the in-between moments of my day, the most popular seach is “Why did Drew Middleton leave Tenth Avenue North?” Really? Why don’t more people want to know about what I cook and whether or not my kids eat it?

Anyway, if you’re like all the others and seem to be just as curious about where this amazing musician and friend is these days, what he’s up to and why he’s no longer part of Tenth Ave anymore (which is still just as amazing and we’re so proud of you guys!), then click HERE to read my “article” on this very topic.

Thanks, Drew, for allowing me to share your story; I hope I’ve done your heart justice!

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