Why Sami Writes

by Sami

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In 2001, Sami’s mentor asked her what she was doing with her writing. When she discovered she had multiple notebooks filled with insights from God, she told her, “God doesn’t give us things to hold on to; He gives them to us to share. If you don’t put these out there, you’ll become like the Dead Sea and dry up!” This happened about the same time when she was trying to start a morning prayer group at the university where she worked. Realizing it would be nearly impossible to gather administrators, teachers and students at a uniform time every day, Sami began typing her devotions and emailing them on a daily basis so that co-workers could start their day with God.

Word spread and soon the devotional list was being circulated to hundreds of individuals across the country. In 2005, Sami was asked to join The Good News of South Florida as one of their monthly Women’s Columnists, a role she continues to this day.

Sami currently resides in Nashville, TN with her husband Rick and their two children, Kariss & Britton. Sami serves as the Executive Director for Intentional Moms while also mentoring newly-married women.

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