How to Create an Outdoor Living Space on a Budget

by Sami

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Now that I have a large open deck, I’m learning how to create an outdoor living space on a budget. While I’m no DIY expert, I am a savings expert. With that superpower, I’m sharing 3 essential outdoor living space ideas on a budget.

how to create outdoor living space on budget

How to Create an Outdoor Living Space on a Budget

I know you may be thinking, “but Sami, there’s snow on the ground. Why are you talking about patio ideas?”

I would argue this is the perfect time to consider how to improve your outdoor living space. Not only will you get your space set up before the season begins, you’ll get first choice of the latest trends.

Plus, I discovered that you can save up to $200 off select outdoor living items at The Home Depot now through January 31. When you’re creative with your budget and combine that with the Home Depot sale, you can easily create a backyard makeover under $1,000!

How to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space in 3 Steps

If you’re like me, it can be overwhelming to look at a large, blank space in your home. When the possibilities are endless, I sometimes get stuck in over-analysis.

Instead, I’m helping you eat the elephant one bite at a time. Here are the 3 simple steps I came up with to help improve my outdoor living space and stay on budget:

1. Create a Conversation Area

Don’t try to furnish your entire outdoor space at once. Instead, create a conversation area. This can be a literal conversation area on your deck or a focal point of your backyard that becomes a conversation starter.

In the past, I’ve shared 3 patio conversation sets under $600. These are outdoor seating areas that include more than one chair and a table of some sort. Choosing one cohesive patio furniture set can be better than trying to furnish an entire deck at first.

One conversation set I didn’t include in my previous post is this 3-pc wicker outdoor seating set. It’s available at The Home Depot right now for just $479.

Whether you have a small concrete block outside a townhouse or a larger deck around a pool, this set is transformative and perfect for a small budget.

2. Set the Space with an Outdoor Rug

If you do nothing else I tell you to do in this post, invest in an outdoor rug. I know it seems like an oxymoron: outdoor and rug. However, outdoor rugs not only exist, they are an inexpensive way to add personality and definition to any outdoor space.

You’ll notice the outdoor wicker rug in the patio set above. It helps define the space and creates a canvas for your conversation area. You can either go with a neutral like this seagrass style on sale for under $40:

Or if you’re like me, make the space pop with some color or a bold print like this contemporary indoor/outdoor rug:

Some rugs can be used both inside and outside, which really opens up your design possibilities.

3. Don’t Forget the Pillows

Like rugs, you may not associate pillows with the outdoors. But they are another budget-friendly outdoor accessory that can help your space feel personal and more comfortable.

This 2-pack of square palm leaf pillows is not included in the current Home Depot sale, but at just $39.99 I had to share them with you. I love the pop of color they add to any patio set.

You can leave these patio pillows outdoors in all seasons. But if you want them to last, I suggest keeping them under an umbrella or covering when expecting rain or snow in the forecast.

More Budget-Friendly Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space

I promised 3 simple steps to improve your outdoor space on a budget. But I have a few other budget-friendly ideas to spruce up your patio:

  • Add plants and Greenery: Plants also help define your conversation areas. I also recommend using planters to create a deck garden. That way you can walk right outside to harvest herbs and vegetables for your very own family meals.
  • Pick a Fire Pit: Fire pits create warmth on your deck during the winter months. They’re also perfect for making s’mores in the summer. Some fire pits can also double as a table or drink rest in your patio conversation set.
    I recently highlighted the best fire pit deals under $100, $200 & $300.
  • Heat it Up: If you are looking to use your patio in the winter months, invest in a patio heater. (This patio heater is only $69 right now – that’s almost 50% off!)
  • Consider a Gazebo: While many people are building pergolas these days, those of us who aren’t as handy opt for a gazebo. The roof and screen enclosures allow us to enjoy our deck in multiple elements. This cabana-style escape offers a modern touch that can fit over your current patio set for under $600.

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I’ll be working on dressing up my deck over the next few months. Tell me, what have you found to make the biggest impact in your outdoor spaces?

I love partnering with brands that help me bring my visions to life on a budget while providing great deals for you too.

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