7 Free Family Activities before School Starts

by Sami

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7 free family activities before school starts

Even though it’s only July, our kids are about to start school in just a couple weeks!

Before school starts, I thought it would be fun to share 7 free family activities you can do together to make sure you’ve captured some fun memories this summer.

Regardless of where you live, how you educate your children or when they start school, these are things you can do without a ton of money or planning, but are guaranteed to pack a ton of fun:

7 Free Family Activities to try before School Starts

  1. Family Zones at festivals/concerts/runs
    Even if you aren’t interested in attending the paid event, most events offer free family zones on the day leading up to it with bouncy houses, face-painting, vendors, etc.
  2. Visit your local library
    Many think of the library for books, but your library is a great choice for free movies rentals, video games, CD’s and even MP3 downloads (Just make sure you return the audio/video materials on time because they carry heftier late fines than books). The Nashville Public Library also offers excellent puppet shows that the whole family can enjoy.
  3. Free Kids Workshops
    Every other week, some of the major home improvement stores offer free kids workshops where kids can not only build a free project (that typically involves hammers, paint and stickers…or some combination of them all!), but will also receive an apron and certificate of completion.
    Check out my Lowes Build and Grow workshop schedule and my Home Depot free kids workshop schedule
  4. Make a Summer Scrapbook
    Before your kids start school, have them draw pictures of everything they did this summer, and then paste in actual pictures of them doing those activities next to their drawings. Even though I created a list of my 20 favorite Summer Boredom Busters, the summer scrapbook is one of my all-time favorites my kids love taking back to school to show-off.
  5. Free Movies
    Nashville offers several cheap summer movie options out there, including free movies in the park, advance movie preview screenings and even free rentals from movie kiosks so you can host your own free movie night.

To read the rest of the list, check out my post over on the Children’s Wishing Well blog.

How do you plan to spend time together as a family before the kids start back to school?

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