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Budget Gardening & Composting Under $5 {TV Video}

Budget Gardening Composting-Talk-of-the-Town
I shared my favorite budget gardening and composting tips on Talk of the Town today – and all can be accomplished for under $5!

Watch the video from Talk of the Town:

If you missed any of my budget gardening and composting tips, I’ve got them all here for you:
* Get seeds to plant out of fruits and vegetables you’re already eating
* Find cheap seeds at Big Box stores (and you can even use EBT/Food Stamps to buy them)
* Start seedlings in egg cartons inside before planting outside
* Keep a pot on your counter to catch extra food waste that can be turned into homemade compost, saves on trash and helps the environment
* Search for community events giving away free seeds and even free potted plants.

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What are your best budget gardening and composting tips?