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Cheetos Shoes

My Cheetos shoes make me faster than you”

I usually try to steer clear of consignment sales (unless I’m selling something!), because I never walk out without spending $42.

Yes, $42 exactly. The two times I’ve gone to a consignment sale to “look”, I’ve walked away spending $42 both times. Go figure.

Anyway, my son put on his ‘new’ shoes this morning for the first time (which were only $3; but if you buy enough things for $3, it adds up to $42! Do I sound bitter?) He judges all his shoes on how fast they make him run.

Kariss off course had to encourage the matter by saying, “I’m like a cheetah in my shoes.”

Britton, not missing a beat, of course responded with, “Mine are Cheetos shoes too!!!”

Looks like I’m going to have a lot of orange cheese to clean up around the house!