Once A Day Chronological Bible Reading Plan & Devotion: Day 1

by Sami

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If you have faith in Jesus Christ, you most likely already agree that a key component to faith is readying your Bible every day. And if you don’t already have such a faith, I honestly believe you can come to know God through opening and reading your Bible every day.

Which is why I’m sharing this Once A Day Bible reading plan with you.

Once A Day Bible Reading Plan Day 1

Reading the Bible Chronologically

A couple years ago, I was introduced to the NIV Once a Day Chronological Bible

Once a Day Chronological Bible

There are two things I especially love about this Bible:
1. I’ve also longed for a chronological Bible. I’ve read several “Daily Bibles”, but have always wondered how the events related to each other in chronological order, not simply in their Biblical chapters. As a perpetual student, this reeks of my love language.

2. It breaks down reading passages into manageable daily readings, yet instead of listing them by date, the headlines simply read, “Day 1”, “Day 2” and so on…for someone like me that has trouble keeping up with something EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and feels guilty if I miss too many days, this method is great. Not only does it allow you to start anytime of the year, but it also allows you to miss a day here and there without the guilt ūüôā

As I’ve been reading daily, I’ve found myself reading even the most common Bible passages in new ways.

Daily Devotions for the One Year Chronological Bible

Not only that, I’ve started writing daily devotions again.

Not many people know this, but LONG before I started blogging (like over a decade ago), I wrote a daily devotion that I emailed out to a substantial mailing list every weekday.

Starting my day with digging into God’s word and not just relying on devotions has made me look for God and his handiwork in my daily interactions.

So it’s my hope that this year, you’ll join me on this adventure! You can either:
1. Purchase the NIV Once-A-Day Bible: Chronological Edition


2. Follow along with the Once A Day Bible reading plan I’ll be posting here on the blog (and also sharing on social media, so be sure you’re following me on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook).

The daily posts will go live at 5am CST so those of you who like to wake up early for your quiet time will be all set and ready to go.

And if you miss a day? Don’t worry, just catch up the next day… or the next week! Don’t worry about how long it takes you, just start reading today!

Once A Day Chronological Bible Reading Plan & Devotion

Day: 1
Scripture: Genesis 1:1-3:24

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