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Disney on Ice Ticket Giveaway: Win Nashville!

I promised a Disney on Ice ticket giveaway and here it is! If you live in Nashville, you can win a family 4 pack of tickets to the latest Disney on Ice spectacular coming to Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena October 6-9, 2011.

The new show is called: Disney on Ice celebrates 100 Years of Magic and I’m sure it will be just that – magical. 

I’m proud to once again partner with Feld Entertainment to offer my readers 5 family four packs of tickets to giveaway.

To enter, just leave a comment below letting me know why you’re so excited that Disney on Ice is coming back to Nashville with this new show.

For more optional entries, do any or all of the following, just leave a separate comment below for each method of entry!

    1. Become a Fan on Facebook (SamiCone.com) & SHARE the contest on your Facebook wall
    2. Follow @TheSamiCone on Twitter & SHARE the contest on Twitter

You have until 11:59 pm on Friday, August 19, 2011 to enter. Good luck!

If you can’t possibly wait to see if you win, get your Disney on Ice ticket discount code to use at TicketMaster.com.

Winners will receive a voucher for tickets good on Opening Night only. Please keep this in mind as you enter.


  1. Would love to be able to take the family to Disney on Ice. Great that it is coming to Nashville!!

  2. Lacasha Rittenberry

    You know we love Disney anything and have enjoyed every ICE performance we have been on!!! My daughters on Fall Break this week so it would be perfect!!

  3. I have liked SamiCone.com on facebook and shared it with the world!!!

  4. I have followed and shared @TheSamiCone on Twitter!!! Yaaa for Disney on Ice!

  5. The reason I am so excited about Disney On Ice is becasue I have a 2 year old little girl that is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. In a period of one episode of the Mickey Mouse show on Youtube she has moved her prefrence from Dora to Mickey. It was quite odd and has been very intertaining to see. So much so that she goes to be at night with her stuffed Mickey Mouse now and sings herself to sleep with the Hot Dog song!!!! I know watching her at the Disney On Ice show will have to be recorded to share with everyone- becasue I just KNOW she will go crazy!!!!

  6. We are excited about Disney on Ice coming back to Nashville. This show should be amazing and we can’t wait to see it.

  7. we love anything Disney and glad they are in Nashville~~

  8. HEY HEY HEY!!!! I have a friend who has been involved with the show for years! I’m excited to see it live this year!

  9. Christiane Herndon

    My 3 year old and 20 month old LOVE Disney. They’ve never seen a show before, and with a third in the way in December, it would be great do get to do something special with them before the baby arrives!

  10. Would love to take my boys to see this – they haven’t been to a Disney on Ice show before but I know they’d love it.

  11. We saw Disney on ice last year and loved it. Would love to go again.

  12. YAY it’s coming back to Nashville!! Would love to take my little girl I know her eyes would light up seeing Mickey Mouse because she has been saying “I go to Mickey’s House!!

  13. I’m so excited because I’ve always wanted to see a Disney on ice.

  14. Im a fan on Facebook.

  15. YAY they are coming to Nashville!!! I want to take my little girl, I know her eyes will light up when she sees Mickey. She says she wants to go to Mickey Mouse’s house!!!

  16. I’m SO excited it’s coming back because 1) I’m a huge anything Disney fan and 2) I would love to take my nieces; they would LOVE it!

  17. I’ve been getting your newsletters for some time now. I am “liking” you now FB.

  18. My little girl – not quite four – is beginning her first dance lessons this week. She would be thrilled to see some of her favorite princesses dancing on ice. (We use the human princess to point her to being God’s princess)

  19. Haven’t been to an “ice” show in ages!!! Would love to take some kiddos!

  20. I am so excited that Disney on Ice is coming back to Nashville with this new show!

  21. Sweet! This may solve my little kid guilt problem. It seems there are lots of activities for my big kids (having to leave the little ones at home). I would love to take our younger ones to see this.

    Mickey, Minnie, ice, nachos. . . . what’s a better combination than that? 🙂

  22. I’d love to take my best friend’s daughters to see this and give her and her husband a night off as well. Her eldest loved Disney on Ice, and the youngest is now old enough to go and have a good time.

  23. I agree Dan – great combination!

  24. I would love to take Isabella to Disney On Ice….We have never been and she would LOVE it!!!!

  25. My family and I are going to Disney for the first time in September and this would be a great thing to take my kids to after going to Disney and them being able to recognize all the disney characters. We have never been to a show like this.

  26. Lacasha Rittenberry

    I also like you on Facebook of course!! Love the updates!

  27. PICK ME! PICK ME! I follow you on FB and Twitter. Our family would LOVE to go to this.

  28. Liked on fb!

  29. Woops. Liked AND shared the contest. *

  30. Yay for Disney on Ice in Nashville! I can’t wait to go and take a special little friend!

  31. So happy that it is coming to Nashville because my four kids love disney! PLEASE please pleassssse could I win! thank you

  32. I would love to take my 3 year old daughter to disney on ice. I remember going to it myself when i was her age and i swear i loved it so much thats all i talked about for a month(so my mom says) Unfortunately I am not in a financial situation where i could afford getting tickets for us: So please make my little girl and her moms day:)

  33. I would LOVE to take my three year old to Disney on Ice. He is in love with Mickey Mouse. Im so glad its coming back to Nashville, because Nashville is an amazing place to live and we have so many opportunities here with our kids. Hope I win!! 🙂

  34. I haven’t seen Disney on Ice since the 90’s. I’m REALLY excited to see Mickey & Minnie back on the poster and coming to Nashville. Makes me wish I had a Disney trip planned, but too busy with school. 🙁

  35. This would be my first ice show and I will be happy to win. Also my nephew is a Disney fan who loves Mickey.

  36. Liked on FB…would love to win!!

  37. I forgot to add that I follow you on @TheSamiCone on Twitter. & I shared the contest. 🙂

  38. Would love to take Isaiah for the first time to see Disney on Ice – so magical for little ones (and big ones too!)

  39. I retweeted and shared on fb wall. 🙂

  40. Oh I would love to win because I and my family absolutely love Disney and all their ice pefomances! We seen Toy Story on Ice last year in Nashville & had the time of our lives! Can’t imagine seeing all our favorite Disney characters together And on ice! So so so excited! I so would be grateful to win : D I have tweeted & posted on Facebook to help spread the word of their 100 Years of Magic & this promo.

  41. Thanks Mandy and good luck! Make sure to leave separate comments for the Facebook and Twitter entries too 🙂

  42. I need to win tickets to Disney on Ice. My kids would vote me Mom of the Year (maybe). 🙂

  43. My daughter and niece would LOVE to see Mickey and would be really intrigued by ice skating since they are three and two. Glad Disney on Ice is coming to Nashville!!! Hope we get to go!