Family Life Cruise Video Journals 2020: Love Like You Mean It

by Sami

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Keeping with tradition, I’m excited to bring you our Family Life Cruise video journals for the 2020 10th Aniversary Love Like You Mean It Cruise!

Family Life Cruise Video Journals 2020

For years, we’ve not only sailed with FamilyLife during Valentine’s Week, but my husband and I have also documented our journey through daily video recaps. And because we have so many couples come up to us on the cruise each year to say how helpful these cruise videos have been in helping them decide whether or not they want to come on the LLYMI cruise, we’re back for another year.

Family Life Cruise Video Menu

We create individual videos for each day of the 2020 Love Like you Mean It Cruise video journal and you can find them below:

Family Life Cruise Video 2020: Day 1 Embarkation

Life Cruise Video 2020: Day 2 At Sea (Supposed to be Perfect Day at CocoCay)

Family Life Cruise Video 2020: Day 3 At Sea

Family Life Cruise Video 2020: Day 4 San Juan, Puerto Rico

Family Life Cruise Video 2020: Day 5 St. Thomas, USVI

FamilyLife Cruise Video Journals from Years Past

We’ve cruised with FamilyLife since 2014 and have logged over 30 videos of our cruise adventures. If you want to go back and watch any of our live videos from previous cruises, here is that YouTube playlist:

Family Life Cruise 2021

If you’re ready to sign up for the Family Life Cruise 2021, you can! Make sure to use our discount code CONEX to get the best possible price. You can learn more about Family Life cruise discounts too (I update the post often).

The 2021 Love Like You Mean It Cruise differs from previous cruises in a few ways. First of all, it will depart from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Doing so allows us to visit ports of call we’ve never visited before, including:

  • Aruba
  • Curacao
  • Bonaire
  • St. Maarten

Similar to the 10th anniversary LLYMI cruise, 2021 will be 8 days and 7 romantic nights from February 7-14. You can start your reservation here.

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