Family Life Marriage Cruise 2014: Pre-departure thoughts

by Sami

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It’s February 8, 2014 and I wanted to share some pre-departure thoughts about our Family Life Marriage Cruise before we head out to Miami on Monday:

If you’ve followed our marriage journey over the past year, then you know we’ve been walking a path neither my husband nor I could have ever imagined.

But if you also read “Why you won’t be getting a Christmas Card from us this year“, then you know we’re working hard AND walking hand in hand towards not just a healthier and happier marriage, but a THRIVING marriage.

So if you hadn’t heard, I’m thrilled to now share that my husband, Rick, and I will be attending the Family Life “Love Like You Mean It” Marriage Cruise 2014.

I honestly don’t know what to expect. While we’ve been to and served at multiple Weekend to Remember events, we’ve never taken five days away from our kids to not only go on vacation, but to also re-invest into our marriage.


So while the Family Life Marriage Cruise 2014 will be a first for us, we also hope to take you along with us. We know many of you may have considered attending this marriage event, but really didn’t know what you’d be getting into.

Well through the power of blogging, video & social media, you’ll now get a front row seat into everything the Family Life Marriage Cruise offers, from the speakers & entertainment to the ship & its amenities.

But I need your help! Leave a comment below letting me know what you most want to know about the Family Life marriage cruise and I’ll count it a privilege to serve as your eyes and ears over the coming week.

Find out about all the Family Life Marriage Events (& the experiences we’ve had and the discounts they’ve given us to share with you!)

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