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by Sami

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There have been a lot of free cookbooks being offered around the web lately.  You know I’m not one to get something just because it’s free – if you don’t need it, you’re just creating more clutter and more chaos for yourself. However, I got to thinking. Holidays are just around the corner. Maybe some of you could use the cooking help or could even use some of these to create a gift basket with some other fun freebies you’ve picked up lately. Either way, here’s what I’ve found, take it or leave it…the choice is up to you 😉

*FREE Cooking with Stock Recipe Booklet

*FREE Low-Fat Favorites Recipes cookbook

*FREE Chicken Casserole Recipe Book – (Disclaimer: You know me and casseroles…we just don’t get along. I have a hard time eating anything I can’t discern in a dish. If any of you can change my mind, I welcome the challenge!)

*Get your FREE Jiffy Mix Recipe Book HERE

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