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Free Kids’ Valentines

martha-stewart-valentines-kids-projectIf your child’s classroom is anything like mine, things are NOT like they were when I was in school!

Gone are the days of carefully choosing cards for each of our friends; they’ve been replaced with a more politically correct handwriting assignment! My daughter can’t even fill out who each card is to: just sign her full name at the bottom and hand over the stack to the teacher two days in advance. What? Not even a homemade mailbox on the corner of her desk? I hope she isn’t scarred for life!

In my ongoing attempt to be more like Martha, I was going to opt for the homemade Martha Stewart Valentine’s Day cards, but once my daughter caught a glimpse of the Disney Valentine’s Cards in my inbox, that was it!

Whatever option you choose, good luck. I never realized Kindergarten could be so taxing!