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SEO Knowledge: Notes from Blissdom 2010

The following notes were taken from a workshop on SEO Knowledge presented by Ang England & Kelby Carr at Blissdom 2010:

SEO Knowledge

Write for search engines
Things that help with SEO also help with human readers
-(Sub heads – bullets – scan )

Online headers need to be very exact (what your post or page is about) – main way people find you – title is last place to be cute and clever

Go to Google and do a search before you start writing – what comes up is probably what your title should be. (What is this about?)
-Slight tweaking of a phrase can make a big difference
-Ex: mommy blogger, mom blogger: MOM BLOG, top 10 mom blog
(Google – keyword tool –click on global monthly search volume (keep use synonyms checked) – be sure people are searching it

Google Page Rank (how many people are linking to you) – each post or page is a doorway into your site
Google doesn’t see after a certain # of characters in your title: put the keywords in your title

****WP Setting – word press, permalink (LOOK FOR REDIRECT PLUGIN) (EMAIL TO MICHAEL)

A. Have an active title
-Start with a good, clear title (should be title tag next to Mozilla)
B. Use bolded subheadings (use Heading 3) – as opposed to just bolding
-Subheading for clarity, helps catch the eye
-work some of the words in your title into your subheading
C. Cut away the rambly fluff
Writing an online Article – how to’s and a basic template

Tag your photos too – people search for photos- google image search – use hypens between your words – alternative text

Do intro paragraphs for videos and then embed it

Categories = chapters
Tabs = index

HUB PAGE – a post to send people to other posts
put your links in a keyword sentence

At the end of post – call to action (what do you think, post a comment, read this) Link to other people

Weave your keywords/title throughout your post – words in title should be in first paragraph

Google pagerank, firefox browser extensions, seaquake, pagerank

Google: ‘How do I no-follow links’

Optimize your past posts – will re-index  your SEO’s, including your page titles – rework old content

When you repeat posts (Freebie Friday) put more interesting title at beginning (CVS freebie – Freebie Friday)

Install Google Analytics – look at referral from google (if under 50%, there’s a problem)

Get Clicky – to see what people are clicking on when they leave your site

Once a month link to top 10 books – do you want to subscribe? Call to action.

Take advantage of seasonal content

Create HUB PAGE with lots of resources – with links – and put in side bar

People love Top 10 Lists

Social Bookmarking (wilkipedia – no follow)
Curtsey, mom share, propeller, facebook fan page, stumbleupon.com, dig

-set preferred domain
-Claim a sitemap (please use rss feed as a sitemap) – not ideal, but a place to start

Content attracts, relationships keep

Search WP extension: “redirect” if you’re going to start changing page names

Type “link” into google and see who’s linking to you

-introduction, bolded subheadings, image with caption that complements keyword phrases