Bathroom & Bedroom Organization Tips: Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel

by Sami

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You know that feeling when you walk into a hotel room? Crisp. White. Peaceful. What if I taught you how to achieve the feel of a hotel in your home?

This month on The Sami Cone Show, we’re doing exactly that. I met up with The Tidy Home Nashville ladies, Meg & Ea, at Gaylord Opryland Resort to learn how to organize our bedrooms and bathrooms to feel more like a resort. They showed us everything from how to simplify to how to fold a fitted sheet.

The Tidy Home Nashville girls in Opryland bedroom

Bedroom Organization Tips

Start with white sheets and duvet covers. Not only is it easier to clean, it serves as a blank canvas for you to decorate and accessorize. It is also more cost-effective for changing out decor from season to season. Plus, it looks prettier when stored in your linen closet.

Keep only necessities on your bedside table. What do you use regularly? Think about things like a journal, diffuser, clock and lamp. Get rid of the rest or store it in a drawer.

When it comes to organizing your drawers, invest in some drawer dividers and use the ‘rule of thirds’ when folding (this applies to sheets and towels as well).

Bathroom Organization Tips

Apply the same rules of simplicity we learned in the bedroom to your bathroom. Select only what you use regularly and organize them in a clear turntable that sits on your vanity.

Fold towels in thirds (or roll them) and store a few on the vanity or in a nearby drawer or closet. The ladies also recommend using white towels for the same reason as choosing white sheets.

Our Hotel Inspiration: Gaylord Opryland Resort

I couldn’t think of a better hotel inspiration than Gaylord Opryland Resort here in Nashville. As soon as I walk in, a smile comes on my face and I’m ready for fun and relaxation.

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