Free Weekly Meal Planner: June 23, 2014

by Sami

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monday-meal-planHere is my free weekly meal planner for the week of June 23, 2014.

As I admitted in today’s Daily Dash vlog, it’s been a little rough being a single parent this month while my husband is out on the road.

Typically, we eat much more simply when he’s gone. And while that’s been true for the most part, I’ve also taken the time to do some experimenting in the kitchen.

One of my favorite things to do is make two meals out of one. Below you’ll find where I take meatballs I made last week and use some of them (and the sauce) to make lasagna this week. (Extras can always be frozen or shared with another family).

I also switched our eMeals plan from Paleo to Slow Cooker – I felt like I’d gotten a ton of great ideas from the Paleo plan already and needed a little more education in using a slow cooker, so I’m going to try to incorporate those more, especially on Mondays & Wednesdays when I’m working on iBlog magazine all day!

Remember, if you also want some help on breakfast & lunch, check out my meal plan archives or eMeals for help in that category).

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As always, I hope you take what’s helpful for you and just leave what’s not. Here you go:

Free Weekly Meal Planner: June 23, 2014

Monday: Lasagna (using Chef Anne Burrel’s noodle layering technique)

Tuesday: Spinach Chopped Salad

Wednesday20 Garlic Crockpot Chicken with broccoli & potatoes (I’ll share this recipe soon – so easy AND delicious and a great base to make chicken stock after you eat the meat…)

Thursday: Mandarin Chicken with Shu Mai & rice (from Trader Joe’s)

Friday: Pizza

SaturdayLeftover Meatballs with spaghetti squash

Sunday: Egg, cheese & bacon burritos

What are you eating in your home this week?

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