Gap Casting Call – vote for the Cone kids!

by Sami

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In 2008, I took my kids to the annual Gap Casting Call at the Gardens Mall. Even though neither of my kids ended up with their photo as the face of a National Gap Campaign, we walked away with one of my favorite photos of my son.

britton gap casting call October 2008

I haven’t seen Gap hold a kids’ casting call in recent years, but if they do, I highly recommend you taking your kids. (It’s one of my top tips for how to take good pictures of babies & toddlers). Not only did we receive a discount, we also got a free digital copy of my kids’ photos and had a chance to win a free trip to NYC.

At the time, the only recent pics I had of my kids faces were from a recent trip to Cheekwood Gardens. (it’s times like these when I wish Jessica Lorren lived closer! I know she’d take a winning picture of my angels!)

So, while you can no longer vote for Kariss or Britton, hopefully you’ll have the chance to enter your own kids in a photo contest or casting call soon!

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