Happy Birthday Britton! My Top 10 for His 5th

by Sami

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Happy Birthday Britton! Today is my little man’s 5th birthday…I can hardly believe it!

I see a lot of blogs doing “Top 10 Tuesdays”, so I thought I would do a top 10 things I love about my son in honor of his 5th birthday:

1. His Heart
I’ve never met anyone with a more selfless heart. When he finds money on the ground somewhere, his first reaction is to turn to his sister and say, “Here Kariss, you can have it.” Usually followed by, “I’ll get you whatever you want for your birthday” (Which becomes next to impossible since he’s given all his money away!)

2. His Cheeks
When my son smiles, he lights up a room. Not only does he have these little dimples in his smile lines, but his cheeks puff up when he smiles, making them delicious to kiss!

3. His Laugh
Britton’s laugh is infectious. He has a reckless abandon that fills his belly when he laughs that beckons others to join in without knowing why.

4. His Innocence
Whether he’s trying to save the world or escape getting in trouble, he has a cluelessness that can be endearing. I can just hear him now saying with great expression and wonderment, “I didn’t know that….”

5. His Love for Our Family
Just last night, Britton was saying, “Nothing is more important than my family!” He is obsessed (in a healthy way) with his big sister and loves being with us more than anything else.

6. His Name
I was told I’d never get pregnant, let alone twice! So when we saw our baby boy, we decided to give him a name that reflects his family legacy, Britton Jerick Kingrea Cone:
*Britton = My mom is from England (we just tweaked the spelling a bit!)
*Jerick = A combination of both of our father’s names: Jerome & Rick
*Kingrea = My mother in law’s maiden name
*Cone = Enough Said

7. His Vocabulary
This boy is always coming up with the craziest sayings – to the point where I keep a quote board in the kitchen. From the names he gives his figurines to his quickness to tell me how “impressive” my actions are, this boy is never at a loss for words

8. His Fascination with Heaven
Not growing up with Christ, I have nothing to compare this too, but this boy loves Jesus. Specifically, he cannot wait to get to heaven to meet Him (though I’m hoping he hangs out on earth for awhile 😉

9. His Little Body
Britton is still at the age where he’s very “tossable” – you know what I mean? I can pick him up, flip him, toss him, tickle him, carry him and play with him with ease. I know the day will come soon when this will no longer be the case…

10. His Love for Disney
Just like the rest of our family, Britton has a love for Disney (especially Toy Story). I love seeing him dress up, play and imagine. I also love his constant wonder and amazement whenever he’s at Disney World. There’s nothing quite like watching your child watch their favorite characters in the parade waving at them….priceless.

britton-brick-wallI wish you the happiest of birthdays, my little man!


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