Home Inspection before buying our house

by Sami

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If you heard our big news we shared yesterday, then you know we’re buying a house!

Now that we’ve made the big reveal, I wanted to catch you up on the process it took to get here. We put in an offer on the house on April 2, it was accepted by the seller the next day, and then accepted by the bank on April 4! This is amazing for two reasons:
1. We had to give our notice to vacate our apartment on April 4. I turned in the notice at 4:30pm, feeling completely peaceful it was the right decision, even though we didn’t know where we’d go if this house didn’t work out (we found out at 6pm that the bank took the offer!)

2. This was a short sale, and we’d be warned and counseled by many people that we love and respect that this process could take upwards of 6 months and most likely wouldn’t go through. Not only did the bank accept our offer two days after we made it, they did not even counter our offer!

Again, the fact that the entire process took exactly 4 weeks to close (from the time we submitted our offer) still baffles me.

Even though the house was being sold as-is, we still wanted to go through with a home inspection so that we knew where we stood with every aspect of the property. Here’s what was going through our minds that day:

Luckily, aside from a few minor tweaks, the house is very structurally sound and in good shape. Now we just have to make the house our own!

I’ll show you what we decided to tackle first tomorrow…

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Frances May 5, 2012 - 6:58 pm

It should not baffle you. As a Christian, don’t you think God was ready for you to have a house.

sami May 6, 2012 - 12:52 pm

But as a Christian, I also know and trust that what seems impossible to me is always possible with God 🙂 Still, that doesn’t keep me from feeling my natural human inclinations…just glad it doesn’t depend on my strength alone!

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