How to Make Goo {Picture Recipe Tutorial}

by Sami

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If you’re wondering how to make goo with your kids, I have a picture recipe tutorial for you!

how to make goo recipe with picture tutorial

I just made goo with my kids for the first time and found it difficult to direct them until I tried making the goo myself (hence why I thought the picture tutorial would be beneficial to go along with to goo recipe!).

How to Make Goo {Picture Tutorial}

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

*1 Cup White Glue
*3/4 Cup Water + 1/4 Cup Water
*1 Tablespoon Borax
*Food Coloring (or colored drink mix packets)

how to make goo picture glue and water

Step 2: Mix Glue & 3/4 Cup Water

*Stir well until thoroughly combined

how to make kids goo food coloring

Step 3: Color

*Add food coloring drop by drop or sprinkle colored drink mix crystals until desired color is achieved

how to make goo color swirl

Step 4: Mix Borax & 1/4 Cup Water

*Thoroughly blend Borax with remaining water

how to make goo borax recipe

Step 5: Add Borax mixture to glue mixture…

*…stirring the whole time. Some liquid will be left. Remove goo and place in plastic baggie.

how to make goo kids stretch

Step 6: Repeat

*Make more Borax mixture and add to leftover glue mixture to make more Goo. (Perfect if you have two kids to make goo for, like me!)

Step 7: PLAY!

*Check out some of the amazing things my kids created with their goo:

how to make goo kids collage

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