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by Sami

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JELLY TELLY Redeem the Screen

As you well know, my very first book, Raising Uncommon Kids, releases next month.

The book is all about, well…helping our kids become uncommon and standing out in today’s society. So what better way to spread that message than to partner with a team who’s doing that far better than anyone I know: the team behind What’s in the Bible and JellyTelly!

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: I don’t care how old you are, I have learned more practical and comprehensive information about the Bible from the What’s in the Bible series than almost anything else in the last decade.

And did I mention it’s funny?

I watch the menu screen over and over again until my kids finally force me to push play on the DVD when each new episode comes out.

Now you can enjoy not just the fun and faith that What’s in the Bible provides, but even more thanks to JellyTelly!

JT-Aff-SamiCone-560x315 (1)

When JellyTelly approached me about partnering to foster their audience in creating an “Uncommon Christmas”, I couldn’t wait to jump on board; I want us to get back to the heart of the holiday, the true reason for the season and the ministry that lies at the heart of having a Merry Christmas.

But being uncommon isn’t a “one and done” concept – it’s something that needs to be spoken about and lived out throughout the year.

That’s why I’ll be partnering with JellyTelly to share one blog post a month every month in 2016!

And how can you take part?

JellyTelly has been generous enough to give my audience an exclusive free offer!

Start your FREE MONTH of JellyTelly NOW!

More on that in a minute, but first, I can hear you asking, “What exactly does JellyTelly offer?

JellyTelly is the only Christian Streaming Service dedicated to kids and families. Let’s hear straight from Phil Vischer about his brain child:

Kids are consuming media in vastly different ways than they did 5 or 10 years ago. They aren’t anxiously awaiting the next delivery of a Netflix DVD – they are walking around with smartphones and tablets, never without screens to entertain them. As accessibility has increased, so has consumption. Our kids are consuming more media than ever before – on average more than 5 hours a day!

JellyTelly is a partner for parents in our media-drenched culture. It provides safe screen time for kids, but more than that – it allows kids to enter a media world where God is real and His Word is true. It can be a powerful tool for parents and kids to spend time together watching and learning, and then talking about Jesus and their faith.

JellyTelly has a wide library of programs that will both entertain kids and nurture their spiritual development. Featured shows include:
*Buck Denver Asks… What’s In The Bible?
* VeggieTales
* 3-2-1 Penguins
* Yancy & Friends
* Friends And Heroes
* Hillsong Kids
* Elevation EKidz
* KidMo
* and more!

Currently featuring over 50 Christmas Specials, including Phil Vischer’s Buck Denver Asks… Why Do We Call It Christmas?, which helps parents navigate the tricky bits of the holiday and tell the story of Christmas, including how so many of our cultural traditions point to Jesus.

With screen time increasingly at an all-time high, JellyTelly helps families redeem that time with content that entertains and engages their kids’ faith.

So I’m here to help you help your family #RedeemTheScreen this season and beyond!

And we’re doing this by offering you not just one free week, but an entire FREE MONTH when you use code SAMI (more details below).

So what do you say? Will you join me over the course of 2016 as we examine twelve biblical characteristics parents need to raise selfless kids in this self-centered world of ours? I hope you’ll say yes.

You can start by reading my full post on the What’s in the Bible blog that went live today: An Uncommon Christmas: Raising Uncommon Kids

Even more importantly, I pray you’ll begin today by starting to examine why you do what you do and begin to consider the compounding effect it’s having on your children. Then, and only then, can we embark on the adventure of having an Uncommon Christmas.

Jelly Telly Free Offer Details

What: Jelly Telly Free Month
Where: Click HERE to start your free month
Discount Code: SAMI (all caps)
What you’ll receive: a free month of access to all Jelly Telly offers, PLUS New subscribers receive a FREE BONUS of a Christmas Activity Book printable, filled with all kinds of fun activities and Christmas memories to make with the whole family


And if you’re still looking to get some Christmas shopping done, why not consider giving a membership to a child or family you love? It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving – and more importantly – equips the recipient to continue sharing the message with everyone they meet!

So go on, start your Uncommon Christmas!

Disclosure: I am an affiliate with JellyTelly and will earn a commission based on sales made through my affiliate link. I whole-heartedly believe in the message and mission of JellyTelly and it is my privilege to be able to offer you the free month offer!


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