Kids Craft: Summer Scrapbook Day 2

by Sami

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Summer-ScrapbookIt’s Day 2 of our Summer Scrapbook kids craft and today’s letter is: B
Our character theme is: Believe

Our verse for today is John 3:16 (If your kids haven’t learned this one yet, this is a good time!)
“For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life”
(I don’t have an original song for this one because there’s a female Christian recording artist that recorded this and I use that tune – but I can’t remember who it was!! Leave me a comment if you do so we can share with others.)

Remember, all you have to do is grab a sheet of paper for each child, either write an B for them or let them cut an B from a magazine and glue it on, and then write today’s verse along the bottom of the page. (Today I even printed a large B on the computer and typed the verse along the bottom).

Because the weather was so beautiful this morning, we started our day with a hike on our nature trail to get inspired by some of God’s creations that start with the letter “B” (there’s a lot! Bugs, butterflies, bees….you keep going…). Let the kids imaginations run wild. And don’t be too strict about what they’re drawing or decorating their page with, as long as they’re having fun. Heck, my son was decorating his “A” page with Easter stickers, but he was having a good time doing it!

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Remember, her are a few ideas for binding your scrapbook at the end:
* Punch two holes in the left side of each paper then tie the book together with yarn at the end
* Place each page in a sheet protector then put in a 3 ring binder
* Take to a copy center to get bound

See you tomorrow for “C”.

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