Kids' Internal Alarm

by Sami

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Why is it that I’ve had such a hard time waking my kids up at 7am all week for school, but the first weekend they (and my husband!) can sleep in, they’re up at 6:30? Figures.

Oh well, I’m off to my Women’s Retreat at Fellowship Bible Church with Carol Kent and Nicol Sponberg -oops, I guess not yet. I just heard Britton yell, “MAMA, wait, I need to give you a chiss! (kiss)” Immediately followed by him running down the stairs and saying:
“Uh oh, I fell. Not yet, I didn’t fell. I just hurt myself again — a little bit. Oooo, I’m kind of chilly – I need my jacket on. MAMA, I found another pirate hat – I wanna put it on ya – it would look so great.” Seriously, does he get that spew of random thoughts from me????

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