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My Online Weight Loss Journal: Week 5

porters-steakhouse-SamiIt’s been 5 weeks since I started this online weight loss journal(and on video through our healthy pantry series!). My new motto: slow and steady wins the race; I figure if it’s good enough for the tortoise to beat the hare, it’s good enough for me!

This week has been a little more interesting. Not only did I celebrate my 35th birthday (pause for wild applause….), but my mom came into town. We’ve had a blast re-organizing and running around town, but not only has it thrown off my regular routine, it’s been challenging to add someone into our household who isn’t participating in the same plan we are.

Still, she’s been very supportive of what we’re doing and it’s been encouraging to have someone who’s known me all my life (literally) be able to see the change in our bodies and our attitudes!

So here are the latest numbers:

Starting weight: 170

Week 1 weight: 167

Week 2 weight: 164

Week 3 weight: 164

Week 4 weight: 163

Week 5 weight: 161.5

Are you sticking with me on this journey? I hope so! Make sure to check out our pantry clean out video series and head over to our friends at HealthyOates.com who are helping us along the way.


  1. That is so wonderful!! Great job! I really need to start something – my college reunion is in the fall – OH NO!!

    Unfortunately, I missed my being foxy at 40, so I am shooting for sexiest alive at 45 – luckily I have years to work on that – LOL!

    Cheering you on and hoping to jump on the bandwagon soon!