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Week 7.5 Weigh In: Blue Sky MD


Because I had to miss my weigh in because of Blissdom last week, this is technically the 7.5 week weigh in at Blue Sky MD 🙂 I’m not even going to wait to tell you the results…Believe it or not, I lost another pound this week! I can’t believe that even with the crazy month I’ve had, I continue to …

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Week 6 Weigh In: Blue Sky MD

I can hardly believe I’m already telling you about my week 6 weigh in at Blue Sky MD. It’s certainly been a roller-coaster: an amazing first week, two lack luster weeks that followed, and steady loss since. I’ve finally learned to accept that I live a life that’s on the go and I must adjust my eating accordingly. I’ve been …

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Week 3 Weigh In at Blue Sky MD

The long awaited results of my week 3 weigh in with Blue Sky MD are finally here! My life transformation journey with Blue Sky MD is in its third week and after losing almost 7 pounds the first week, I honestly expected better results since then, but it hasn’t quite turned out that way: Once again, I didn’t lose quite …

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Week 2 Weigh In at Blue Sky MD


My life transformation journey with Blue Sky MD is continuing strong, but you may find my week 2 weigh in a bit unexpected: Nothing happened! Here are the numbers for Week 2: Weight:   168.2 pounds (still) BMI:         27.2 Fat %:      37.9% (down 2 points) Waist:     (I learned that we wont measure again until week 4) Hips: So while I did …

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My Health Journey Day 12: Half birthday & take out


I know it’s only day 12 of my health journey with Blue Sky MD, but it seems that the half-way point of each week it the toughest. For example, yesterday was my half birthday: for those of you that think I’m crazy, hear me out. As a kid with a summer birthday, I always used my ‘half birthday’ in school as …

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Week 1 Weigh In at Blue Sky MD


Curious how my life transformation journey with Blue Sky MD is going? Check out my week 1 weigh in: That’s right! I lost 6.8 pounds in my first week with Blue Sky MD! Here are the numbers for Week 1: Weight:   168.2 pounds BMI:         27.2 Fat %:      39.6 Waist:     forgot to measure waist & hips this week! Hips: (You can …

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Weight Loss Day 3: Pants Fit Again!


It’s day 3 of my weight loss journey with Blue Sky MD and my old pants fit again…with room to spare!!! As I was getting ready to go to church this morning, I was debating which of the two pairs of pants I own (that fit) I should wear; one pair is jeans and the other was dirty, so I …

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Let the Life Transformation Begin! Weight Loss Day 1

Side View Sami Cone Weight Loss

I’m ready to let the life transformation begin! It’s officially day 1 of my weight loss experience with Blue Sky MD. I realize some of you followed my online weight loss journal back in the summer of 2010, you’ll remember that Ricky and I did lose some of this extra weight that crept up on us suddenly as we rolled …

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My Online Weight Loss Journal: An Update

I’m back with an update on my online weight loss journal; did you think I’d forgotten? No, but somehow between traveling, getting ready for both of my kids to start school for the first time, and my ministry job, finding time to update this blog and step on the scale has somehow fallen by the wayside (yes, it’s true, I …

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My Online Weight Loss Journal: Week 5

It’s been 5 weeks since I started this online weight loss journal(and on video through our healthy pantry series!). My new motto: slow and steady wins the race; I figure if it’s good enough for the tortoise to beat the hare, it’s good enough for me! This week has been a little more interesting. Not only did I celebrate my …

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