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New Brittonisms: 11-8-11

If you know my five year old son, Britton, you know some pretty hilarious things can come out of his mouth on a regular basis. However, our time in the bathroom this evening was particularly humorous.

As he came in and started getting undressed for his shower, he said, “My left leg is damaged, ” (and then in a whisper he leaned to me and said), “…that means I hurt my legs today.”

Thanks for the explanation.

He got on the toilet and stayed there for awhile. I asked if he wanted some privacy, and he agreed…but as soon as I walked out of the bathroom, he yelled after me, “MOM – can you bring me my treasure chest (containing his action figures)???? I may be here awhile.”

How could I not oblige? But I did draw the line on sitting there and playing with him while he took care of business.

By the time we finally got in the shower, he obviously had some time to ponder the questions of the world even more deeply, because he then asked me, “Mom, what president are you going to vote for when it’s time for this president to be done?”

Not realizing they discussed modern politics in Kindergarten these days, I tried to buy some more time for myself and replied, “I don’t know yet Britton, who are you voting for?”

As if it should have been obvious, he told me, “George Washington…except he’s dead.”

That does make it a little more challenging to get him elected.

I guess I better brush up on my history before bath time tomorrow!